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Introducing the Official Neighborhood Watch App

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For nearly half a century the National Neighborhood Watch Program has been the premier crime prevention initiative in the United States, helping citizens to serve as additional “eyes and ears” for law enforcement. Now for the first time, Neighborhood Watch is introducing a mobile phone app for iphone, Blackberry and Android platforms. The Neighborhood Watch App has dynamic reporting capabilities including options to add photos and text to reports from Block Captains, volunteers, or from citizens who want to report anonymously. Linked to a proprietary database of law enforcement agencies from throughout the country, the Neighborhood Watch App enables citizens to report drugs, marijuana, and other crime concerns, suspicious activities and community disorder. The NW App also offers innovative features such as mini training videos, and tips on starting, revitalizing or expanding your Neighborhood Watch. Additionally, our Ask the Expert section allows users to query national crime prevention and Neighborhood Watch experts on topics of interest. Made by the Community Safety Institute.


Here at Neighborhood Watch, we believe strongly in providing our volunteers with robust, easy-to-use tools to help them report and stay informed. The NW App is our latest tool and is designed for those volunteers who are on-the-go in their communities. Warning: wow factor imminent.

graph ReportingWith the touch of a button, our app allows you to report non-emergency incidents in your area right then, wherever you are.


We know that how hard it can be to assemble and maintain a volunteer organization so that’s why we’re here 24/7 to take your questions.

That’s all that you need to know. Really.

charge FeedbackWe know how hard it can be to assemble and maintain a volunteer organization so that’s why we’re here 24/7 to take your questions. tweet TwitterStaying up-to-date and relevant is absolutely crucial to a successful Neighborhood Watch program. That’s why we stay connected. folder ResourcesWe believe in continuous education for our volunteers, so the App provides both tips and mini-training videos. screen User ExperienceWe strongly believe that all users should have a meaningful, intuitive experience while using the app. This app is extremely simple and straightforward for users. screen Exact locationsDon’t worry about where to send your report. Our database of over 17,000 police departments and coordinators has you covered!

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